3 PRO Services Agreement

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This Agreement is between the entity you represent or you individually (“Customer”), and 3 PRO (“Provider”). It is effective on the date that Provider provisions your Services.

1. General

Rights granted by this Agreement are non-exclusive and non-transferable and apply if neither Customer nor any of its Affiliates is in breach of this Agreement.

1.1. Services

The Services Agreement in effect when Customer orders or renews a Service will apply for the applicable Service term. For Services that are billed periodically based on consumption, the Services Agreement current at the start of each billing period will apply to usage during that period.

2. Services, subscriptions and ordering

2.1. Basic definitions

Provider offers various Managed Services within its areas of expertise. These Services typically consist of the following elements:

2.1.1. Proactive monitoring

Activities consist of automated and semi-automated processes and procedures, designed to make Provider aware of potential issues before they impact the functionality of provided Services.
Proactive monitoring is included in some of the available service levels that can be ordered from Provider.